The Honda HR-V is a popular subcompact crossover. Drivers here in Baltimore love its sporty silhouette and zippy performance. The HR-V is designed with intelligence as much as it is with style. This means that ergonomic principles informed the layout. Controls are mounted right on the steering wheel and the 7-inch touchscreen is easy to reach. Even the climate control system is touch-based for ease-of-use. There's no stretching or straining when driving this little car.

The HR-V can seat up to five adults. The cabin is designed to be comfortable. Rear seats and headrests can be stashed away to better accommodate cargo if needed. In fact, the "magic seat" configuration means they can be folded toward the front or back, depending on what's being hauled. Front seats are heated and can be adjusted. The front passenger seat can also be folded down to fit items up to eight feet long.



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