Your car's suspension is one of its "invisible" systems that is most important to your comfort and safety.

Your suspension is a series of components that ease the bumps in the road around Baltimore. They also stabilize your ride through the corners.

Suspension Components

From the rubber surface of your tires to the springs in your driver's seat, many parts serve to soften and strengthen your driving experience.

Shock absorbers and springs provide a smooth ride on almost any road surface. Ball joints, tie-rod ends, and bushings keep your steering system tight and responsive.

Suspension Inspection and Maintenance

All of these parts wear out under normal usage. Generally, it is a good idea to have your entire suspension inspected every 50,000 miles.

At Norris Honda, we are pleased to offer factory-trained technicians and diagnostic equipment designed specially to inspect and maintain your suspension.

If you are noticing any unusual sounds when you hit a bump or take a corner, please contact us right away.


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