The Honda Insight Is a Hybrid Car With a Great Deal to Offer

With more and more people deciding to consider purchasing a hybrid, perhaps you are ready to do so as well. As the Honda Insight is one of the more popular hybrid cars around right now, that is a good place to start your search. Here is a brief overview of what you will find.

The Honda Insight has several safety features that are standard on all of its cars. The Road Departure Mitigation System is one of them. This will alert you if the system senses that you are beginning to move out of your lane improperly. It will even nudge you back in the proper position.

Another great feature is the Adaptive Cruise Control. This takes the pressure off of the driver having to manually adjust speed. The system will slow down and speed up according to the current traffic conditions. Take the Honda Insight on a test drive when you visit Norris Honda.


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