Your car's battery controls the flow of power to electrical components, but it's your car's alternator that creates all the electricity that your battery controls. One common question here at Norris Honda is, "What does an alternator do exactly?" An alternator's job is a lot simpler than it sounds.

When you drive through town to and from work, and whenever you're on the road, your car's motion delivers mechanical energy like a windmill. Your generator collects this mechanical energy, turning it into electricity that your car uses to power the infotainment system, radiator fan, headlights, and other electrical systems inside and outside of your car.

An alternator is the source of continuous, renewable energy that keeps your car battery recharged. A sufficiently charged battery creates the initial spark necessary to crank your engine. After your engine turns over and your car starts moving, it's the alternator that provides the ongoing source of electricity to the battery required to power your car's electrical parts.

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