Driving Snow and Winter Tires All Throughout the Year

Different tires are designed for different seasons because of the characteristics that are put into the tires to handle the factors that come with the season. If you are wondering whether or not you can drive on winter tires for the whole year, then you need to consider tons of factors.

One major factor is the material and the design of the tire. There are two types of winter tires. There are the studded winter tires and the winter tires without studs. Both of these tires will either cause damage or wear out quickly during the warmer seasons. They will also affect the performance of your vehicle.

Another factor to think about is the area you live in. If you live in an area that has cold weather all year, then you might be okay to leave your winter tires on all year. However, it is better to have tires for different seasons for the warmer weather.



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