When a vehicle has a battery that needs power, you can jump start it with jumper cables. The process of completing this task is simple if you follow a few strategic steps.

Jumper cables aren't extremely long, so you must consider the length before setting up your car for a jump start. Typically, if you park your automobile about 18 inches near the other vehicle's hood, you'll have no problems reaching the battery terminals. Begin by clamping each jumper cable to the matching battery port. Then, hop into the automobile that has the charged battery, and crank the engine to provide power. During this process, lightly press the gas pedal. Finally, let someone else start the another car's engine.

A jump start is only a quick solution. If you want to prevent future problems, you'll need a professional inspection. Norris Honda has a seasoned automobile staff that specializes in maintenance services. We run tests to pinpoint the source of common battery problems.



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