Badges glued to a vehicle often detract from appearance. Drivers may fear to touch the badges out of worries they might make things worse. If you debadge a car the right way, the process won't likely cause any problems, and you can do so with many everyday household items.

Badges affixed with adhesives may come loose after exposure to hot water. Spraying adhesive remover on the badge further loosens it. The heat from a hair dryer then also breaks down the adhesive. Once destroyed, the adhesive can't hold the badge.

Of course, badges affixed with rivets won't come loose this way. Complex tools aren't necessary though. Prying the emblem free with a plastic wedge may work. Some use dental floss or fishing line to perform the same task.

No matter what issue you have with a car, Norris Honda can assist. Bring the car to the service department and let the mechanics know the problem.



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