Use These Winter Driving Tips to Stay Safe

Our staff at Norris Honda strives to help our customers stay safe when they are driving during harsh weather conditions in the winter. Before the snow and ice set in, it is vital to have your vehicle inspected for worn hoses, leaks, and other damages that may need to be repaired.

Before the ice and snow set in, stock your vehicle with a broom, ice scraper, and snow shovel. Abrasive materials, such as cat litter and sand paper, can also be handy if you get stuck in the snow. In case you do get stuck, having a cell phone with a charger, food, water, a blanket, and flares can keep you safe until help arrives.

It is also important to plan your travel route, and let others know when you are expected to arrive and what route you will be taking to get to your destination. Check the road conditions and traffic before you leave.



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