Why Would Your Engine Overheat?

The sight of steam coming out from under the hood strikes fear in drivers. Seeing the temperature gauge jump deep into the red confirms those fears. The engine is overheating. An overheated engine could reach the point a car ends up totaled. To potentially avoid this situation, know a few common reasons why an engine overheats.

A leak ranks among the most common reasons behind overheating. The coolant fluid helps regulate the temperature. When there is a leak, coolant levels drop. Low coolant levels increase the chances of overheating. So. always check coolant levels and look for the signs of a leak.

Parts don't last forever. If they fail, an engine runs the risk of overheating. Have a mechanic check the pumps, thermostat, and hoses. When these parts go, the risk of an overheated engine increases.

Don't find yourself with an overheated engine on the streets. Visit our service department at Norris Honda for work on the radiator, hoses, coolant, and more.



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