Don't Let a Flat Tire Ruin Your Day

One day you are enjoying a nice day on the road when you suddenly hear a 'pop', which is followed by your car pulling to the right or left. After safely stopping at the side of the road, you discover what you suspected all along—a flat tire.

It's necessary to have some knowledge about changing a tire to help you escape a potentially dangerous situation if roadside assistance isn‘t available. Once you locate the tire changing kit and spare, loosen the flat tire's lug nuts without taking them off. Raise your vehicle using the jack and remove the lug nuts and tire once it clears the ground. Put on the spare and lug nuts, and tighten the nuts fully once you lower the spare to the ground.

Norris Honda suggests you use your vehicle's owner‘s manual to complete any tire change. After you put on the spare tire, visit us and our professional technicians will repair your damaged tire and ensure that you get back on the road safely.



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