Tailgating Essentials

With football season upon us once again, many fans are anticipating tailgating with family and friends. To get the most out of your tailgating experience, it’s important to be prepared and have everything you need. We want to help you get ready. Come to Norris Honda and see what we have to offer in the way of supplies and tips.

Here are some tips to have the best possible tailgating experience.

• Make sure all food is fresh.
• Pack your cooler with enough ice to keep food from spoiling.
• Label the coolers with food or drink labels.
• Don’t forget condiments.
• Leave early enough to avoid having to drive fast.
• Be courteous of other tailgaters.

In addition to having the right supplies, it’s important that your vehicle be in the best condition possible. Stop at our Baltimore dealership or call for an appointment so we can inspect your vehicle and make sure it’s in great condition.



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