Interesting Ways to Debadge Your Car

Debadging consists of removing the brand badges from a car's body. Many people do this to preserve the smooth lines and contours of the vehicle's body. Others just don't want to feel like they are driving around in a mobile billboard. Either way, there are a few different methods to remove badges.

The first step in badge removal is to loosen the adhesive. This can be done by melting the glue with a hot air blower. You can also use hot water, or a special adhesive removal solution. Each of these methods will break down the glue's bond. You'll know that the process is complete once the badge can be lifted or twisted from its original position.

Next, the badge can be separated with a tool. You don't need any particular tool for this purpose. People use flat pieces of plastic, credit cards and tooth floss to detach badges. The general rule is to use a soft material that can fit in the spacing between the badge and the surface. Move the wedge carefully across the bottom of the badge to completely remove it.

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