Explaining The Meaning Behind Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

At Norris Honda, we believe that an informed vehicle owner is a happy vehicle owner. As such, we want to pass on our many years of automotive knowledge to our loyal customers.

While most drivers are aware that it is important to change your car's oil regularly, many do not understand some of the terms that are used when purchasing motor oil. In particular, the viscosity rating of the oil is often something of a mystery to vehicle owners. However, the viscosity is actually fairly straightforward to understand. Put simply, it is the speed at which the oil will run at when poured. For example, water would have a low viscosity rating, while honey would have a very high viscosity rating. Having the right type of oil in your vehicle is vital to keep it running smoothly.

Our skilled mechanics know exactly what type of oil to put in your vehicle, so when your car is serviced at our shop in Baltimore, you won't ever need to worry about having the wrong viscosity rating. No matter what automotive needs you may have, our team is always here to help.



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