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Understanding TPMS and Tire Safety

One of the leading causes of accidents in Baltimore, Maryland are tire blow outs or sudden flats, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle. While sometimes you just can’t see this coming, being aware of tire pressure is a reliable way to prevent 99% of these incidents.

There’s no substitute for regular gauge checks of your tires’ pressure, but of course, unless you want to stop every few miles and do this, you can only be so sure your last readings were correct. Fortunately, every vehicle made after 2007 (and many before) are equipped with a TPMS light. TPMS - or tire pressure monitoring sensors - keep an eye on tire pressure by watching wheel rotation and built-in sensors in many tires.

Why TPMS may light up:

  1. Climate – TPMS may light up briefly on cold mornings due to air contracting. Heat can do the same, indicating the tire is over-inflated. In the case of the latter, you may need to release some of the air.
  2. Natural air loss – Tires do lose an average of 1.5 PSI per month naturally.
  3. Damage or overloading – Pressure can be lost slowly by "sneaky" or small damage, so inspect your tires regularly for such damage TPMS may only spot when it’s almost too late.

To learn more about TPMS and tire safety, visit us at the Norris Honda auto service center in Baltimore.

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