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Jump-Starting a Car with Just a Pair of Jumper Cables and A Working Vehicle

In order to jump-start a car with a dead battery, you'll need to move a car with a good battery close enough with the non-operative vehicle first. Turn off the lights and the car's engine, and once the two car hoods are open, unravel the jumper cables.

The jumper cables must be applied to the batteries in the following order: Red is positive and goes to the good battery first, then you can attach the other end to the battery that is in need of the jump. Black is negative and goes to the negative terminal of the working battery first. Then, you should make sure that the last black cable end connects to metal surface on your car getting the jump-start.

Start your working car, and then let it idle for a few minutes. Now try to start the other car; it should turn over after only a few tries. A dead battery can leave you stranded any time. Get to our Honda service center in Baltimore, MD and we can test the charging system and resolve the issue with your vehicle.

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