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Full-Size or Compact Spare Tires: Which One is Best?

Spare tires are necessary if you have a car. If you get a flat tire, the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road. Industry manufacturers typically include a "donut tire," otherwise known as a compact, temporary tire.

These tires are not to be used for long periods of time, but in an emergency situation, a compact tire can save you from a long walk. Vehicles may come standard with a small tire or your manufacturer may offer a full-size spare tire. Full-size spare tires can replace original tires and provide the same performance.

If you are looking to save money in a pinch, an emergency, compact tire will not cost as much as a full-size tire. If you are looking for a spare tire in Baltimore, the best shop is located at Norris Honda. They have a wide selection of various tires and sizes that you can use for your vehicle.
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