If Your Heating/Cooling System Is Having Problems, Don't Panic

Hopefully, you have never experienced a plume of steam sprouting out from under your vehicle's hood. This is the telltale sign that your vehicle is overheating. Proper maintenance of the cooling system is your best defense for ensuring that this never happens to you.

A number of components work together to make up the cooling/heating system of your vehicle. These include the radiator, thermostat, water pump, and radiator cap and hoses. If any of these components should break or fail, then the consequence from the resulting overheated engine could be warping of engine heads and other significant damage. That would be costly.

To prevent damage to your vehicle due to overheating, bring it in to get checked and diagnosed to see if it has any problems. We are located at Norris Honda in Baltimore and have the means to fix any issues that we find and get you back on the road.
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