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How do Extreme Weather Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Finding yourself stranded on a hot day with a dead car battery is one of the worst situations to be in as a driver. It’s topped only by finding no spark on a frigid night. That needn’t happen if you take proper precautions and keep your battery maintained.

Cold weather is particularly draining on a car’s charging system. The battery creates the spark that charges the starter relay and ignites the engine. Motor oil thickens in freezing temperatures, which slows the process down and creates more work. Add to that extra hours burning the headlights, wipers, and heater. Those points create more stress on the alternator. On the flip side, hot weather causes fluids to evaporate, such as that used in the battery. If levels fall too far, it may cause the battery to overheat.

Checking your battery periodically is a good idea, and so is regular spring and autumn maintenance. We would welcome you to come in to Norris Honda in Baltimore and speak with us about best practices for your vehicle’s battery.

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