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What is a Timing Belt and What Does It Do?

The timing belt is located at the front of your car's engine underneath the timing cover. Your engine and water pumps depend on the timing belt to work properly. When a timing belt starts to go bad, it may cause other issues for your car including engine failure.

Timing belts can start to fail after 60,000 miles in older cars. However, 100,000 miles is a better number for newer cars. As your timing belt starts to wear down, you may notice some signs and symptoms. The belt may make a whining or chattering sound underneath the timing cover.

You should get your timing belt checked whenever you visit a mechanic after 50,000 miles. You want to make sure that your timing belt is working so that you get the right engine mileage. If you want to diagnose issues with your timing belt, you can talk to the service department at Norris Honda located in Baltimore.
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