Hatchbacks can Offer Drivers Enhanced Control and Traction

The class of vehicles known as hatchbacks offer drivers and passengers many valuable benefits. These benefits can include enhanced vehicle handling as well as front wheel drive traction.

In terms of handling, many types of hatchbacks weigh far less then vehicles like trucks or SUV’s. These lower weight levels combined with powerful motors can produce handling characteristics that are more generally associated with sportier body designs. To up the ante, many hatchback vehicle designers include turbochargers in their engines that create even greater feats of performance.

In addition to their handling characteristics, many hatchback style vehicles feature front-wheel drive transmissions. Front-wheel drive vehicles can provide drivers with many important benefits that include enhanced traction in wet and cold weather. In addition, front-wheel mounted motors often create extra space in vehicle engine compartments, and this extra engine room often translates into greater space in passenger cabins. To sweeten the deal, some hatchback manufacturers even offer Baltimore-area drivers the option of road-hugging all-wheel-drive transmissions.



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