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How the Power of Horses Defined the Power of Automobiles

During the Industrial Revolution, a Scottish inventor named James Watt developed an idea for a more advanced steam engine. He calculated the power that would be required for a horse to pull the wheel of a mill. From this, the output that a steam engine produced from the work was called horsepower.

Since the early days of automobile history, horsepower was used in judging the work needed to move a car, although it’s use in locomotives predates vehicles. Today, any large automated piece of equipment is operated with horsepower. The strength generated by wind turbines, electric cars, and even NASA’s space shuttles can be quantified in horsepower.

In the future, our understanding of technology will increase even more, but horsepower, a construct of physics, will continue to define our cars. Come stop by Norris Honda in Baltimore, MD to join in the conversation, and check out our selection of Honda vehicles.

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