Tips for Correcting a Skid or Slide

We are entering into that time of year when there will be ice and snow on the roads. Norris Honda understands that it can be scary to start to slide when you are out driving on the roads in Baltimore, MD. If you start to slide, here are a few tips to help.

A front-wheel slide occurs when the vehicle starts going in the opposite direction of where you intend it to go. When this happens, ease back on the gas. Focus on the place you want the car to go and turn slightly in that direction. If you are still sliding, lightly depress the brake to help transfer more power to the front.

A back-wheel slide is often called "fishtailing." The rear of the car is going in the wrong direction. If this happens, gently turn the car in the direction of the slide. This realigns the wheels and stops the slide.


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