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Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Back-to-School Season

Knowing how to care for your vehicle so it can offer you many years of safe and solid service is one of our goals here at Norris Honda. Whether your kids are getting ready for the school year or heading off to college, making sure your vehicle is in good running order will help give you peace of mind at this hectic time.

Now is a great time for a safety check for your vehicle. Ensuring you have working jumper cables, gloves, an adequate flashlight with spare batteries, and appropriate levels of washer fluid is important....


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Road Trip Games for Kids

At Norris Honda, we believe that everybody should get the chance to experience a summer road trip. The memories that are made on these sorts of trips will almost certainly last a lifetime. In order to help you on your way to the next great summer adventure, here are some suggestions for ways to pass the time when some of the younger passengers get restless.

Great for kids of all ages, I Spy is a classic that fits great with the environment that road trips provide. The constantly changing environment means that kids can get creative with what they see…

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How Do Infotainment Systems Work?

The all new vehicles have incredible technology built inside. Most of them include an infotainment system. The name is easy enough to partner up, but the new systems include highly intelligent programs than ever before. You can now access most of the apps on your phone through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These infotainment systems are built into the LED screens that sit in your center console, allowing you to access music, satellite radio, GPS navigation, hands-free calling, and even driver safety features such as your rearview camera.


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Car Wax for Dummies

Although many people believe that car wax is an unnecessary luxury, that line of thought could not be further from the truth. Vehicle wax isn't just there to keep your car looking new and shiny. This substance provides a crucial role in providing protection from the elements. By providing a barrier, the wax protects the surface of the car while filling in unsightly blemishes. The car wax should be the last process in a thorough wash so that it effectively seals in the polish.

The car experts at Norris Honda in Baltimore want all of our valued customers to…
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After Celebrating 100 Years, Norris Introduces All Roads as New Parent Brand


The Norris group of companies unveiled All Roads (AllRoadsCompany.com) as the new corporate identity for its growing family of retail automotive, parts distribution, commercial truck, commercial service and commercial equipment businesses.

Going forward, All Roads will serve as the parent company for its three operating divisions: the Norris Automotive Group, the Norris Commercial Division and Vermeer Mid Atlantic.

The introduction of All Roads as the parent company is a reflection of the group’s…

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Understanding TPMS and Tire Safety

One of the leading causes of accidents in Baltimore, Maryland are tire blow outs or sudden flats, resulting in loss of control of the vehicle. While sometimes you just can’t see this coming, being aware of tire pressure is a reliable way to prevent 99% of these incidents.

There’s no substitute for regular gauge checks of your tires’ pressure, but of course, unless you want to stop every few miles and do this, you can only be so sure your last readings were correct. Fortunately, every vehicle made after 2007 (and many before) are equipped with a TPMS…

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Jump-Starting a Car with Just a Pair of Jumper Cables and A Working Vehicle

In order to jump-start a car with a dead battery, you'll need to move a car with a good battery close enough with the non-operative vehicle first. Turn off the lights and the car's engine, and once the two car hoods are open, unravel the jumper cables.

The jumper cables must be applied to the batteries in the following order: Red is positive and goes to the good battery first, then you can attach the other end to the battery that is in need of the jump. Black is negative and goes to the negative terminal of the…

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Get Your Exhausts & Mufflers Serviced Today!

Maybe it is time for a vacation or maybe you hear that loud rumbling sound coming from the muffler. Getting the exhausts and mufflers serviced will reduce that loud sound and improve your vehicle performance for those long trips without any worries.

The exhaust system is located directly behind the engine, housing a few cylinder heads that collect gases evaluated and analyzed by oxygen sensors. These gases are then refined by the catalytic converters and ultimately muffled by the muffler and coughed into the air.


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See the Road Ahead Clearly with Restored Headlights

No matter how good a driver you may be, if the headlights on your vehicle are not clearly illuminating the road around you, then potential hazards may be difficult to avoid. Defensive driving involves being able to detect possible problems in your path before it is too late to avoid them.

If the headlight bulb is burnt out or dim, it can be directly replaced in newer vehicle models. Sometimes, depending on the type of vehicle, the bumper will have to be removed in order to remove the headlight casing. In older...

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Debunking Myths About Motor Oil

As auto manufacturers continue to make new cars, their maintenance requirements change. This is especially true with motor oil. At Norris Honda, we can help you set up a schedule for oil changes and advise you on your vehicle’s needs.

Despite what we’ve been told through the years, motor oil recommendations have changed, Two common myths are that motor oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles and that the oil filter doesn’t need to be changed every time the oil is changed. Every vehicle differs so go by the recommendations that are listed in the…

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