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Is Salt or Kitty Litter Better For Getting Your Car Unstuck?

If you live in an area where it snows a lot during the winter, the risk of your car getting stuck is much higher. Ice and snow can make your tires lose traction, which makes it way harder to drive your car out from where it is stuck. So, what should you use to get it unstuck, salt or kitty litter?

Kitty litter is much less expensive than salt. One of the only bad things about kitty litter is that it becomes very gooey once it has been left out and absorbs a lot of moisture. Salt actually unfreezes the…
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Getting Holiday Foods to Their Destination Safely

One of the best parts of the holidays is getting to enjoy delicious food that has been prepared by your loved ones. If your family members or friends are hosting holiday celebrations at their homes this year, there's a good chance that you'll need to bring a dish or two to the party as well. You may also be transporting food to your local soup kitchen this year, so here are some tips for making sure you keep your food safe and your car stain-free.

It's a good idea to put finger foods like mini pastries or…
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Now You Will Have the Edge - Get Your Auto Loan Pre-Approved

Getting pre-approval for your automobile financing can be a wise move because it places all the options in the hands of the buyer. Just go to our dealership website and enter in some basic information into an application form for a quick and easy experience. In a matter of a short time, you will receive a reply back of your results.

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Don't Ignore the Indicator Lights on Your Dash

If you own a car, you have probably seen an indicator light come on from time to time. These indicator lights, located on the dash of your vehicle, are meant to save you time and a giant headache. There are indicator lights for almost everything from your change oil light to the check engine light.

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Fluid Service Appointments

There are different fluids that help your vehicle run smoothly. These fluids mainly facilitate the efficiency, functionality, and performance of your engine. The fluids, therefore, need to be inspected and replenished since they run out from time to time. This change out helps increase the lifespan of your automobile. If these fluids are not changed timely, they might pose a threat to your engine.

Some of the fluids enhancing smooth functionality of your vehicle include:

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What Accessories Do You Want for Your 2018 Honda Odyssey?

When you acquire your 2018 Honda Odyssey, you may get stunned with all of the amenities that are available for the minivan. There is, even more, to discover with the vehicle with its offered accessories that you can get! Not only do some of the accessories add additional style to the design, but they provide functionality as well.

For instance, the sleek Roof Rails and Crossbars also pose as a convenient storage option to haul along your items securely. Are you thinking about bringing along your bike for your next road trip? You can, with the Roof Rails and Crossbars…

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Are You Looking for Interior Luxury? Take a Glimpse of the 2017 Honda Civic!

The style is not only impressive inside of the 2017 Honda Civic, but there are many amenities that make traveling comfortable and secure. The finely crafted seats may be relaxing, and the adjustable seats that are available may make longer travel times more pleasant. There is even a storage console offered inside of the car that can help you organize your personal belongings and store them safe while you are on the road...

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Store and Travel with the Spacious 2017 Honda Pilot

An SUV that has a modern design, the 2017 Honda Pilot, provides a lot of space for you to fit your luggage configurations ideally. If you don’t need the space for luggage, but more for passenger seating, this vehicle may also be ideal. If you are going on an extended bicycle ride or an adventurous camping exploration, you can use the 60/40 Split 2nd- and 3rd- Row Seats for the arrangements you may need. You can fold down the necessary seats that are required if you need to bring along larger items or leave them up and enjoy…

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