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Do I Need to Change My Tires Because the Season Changed?

In many parts of the U.S., temperatures are not severe enough to warrant changing your vehicle's tires out with along with the change of seasons, but there are some portions of the country which experience climate extremes.

Tire manufacturers produce summer and winter (snow) tires as well as all-season tires.

Summer tires are manufactured to withstand incredibly hot temperatures so that tire can still grip on the roadways and not become too soft.

Winter tires have a different rubber composition that allows them to stay softer during the cold temps and this gives them a better grip on the roads when temperatures drop below freezing. They also have a more aggressive tread pattern that allows them to give better traction for drivers in the snow.

All-season tires have the best characteristics of the winter and summer tires and are a great overall choice for car owners.

We have a full-service tire department that can suggest tires for you based on the climate and type of conditions to which the vehicle is exposed. We can also perform tire inspections, mounting and balancing, and alignments.


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